Claims and Disputes

Not every issue gets resolved while the project is ongoing. Sometimes the amount at stake is too high, or project relationships or communications have broken down, or an accident or catastrophe results in the parties retreating into their respective bunkers. Whatever the cause, clients want to know that they can rely on experienced counsel to handle the matter.

In my 30+ years practicing law, I have tried more than 100 cases to a conclusion. The trials have been before jury, judge, single arbitrator, arbitration panel, and court-appointed master. There is no substitute for trial experience; it cannot be learned through books or videos - although they can be great resources. Clients want to know that their attorney has the experience to capably and efficiently convey their position for the best outcome.

No client wants to have to go to trial. And all clients recognize the value of sage advice that allows them to make the best decisions for the company. Knowledge of the law and trial experience allow me to advise clients who are pursuing or defending claims on how the claim is likely to be viewed by a neutral, in order to shape the claim or response effectively.

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