Neutral Services

Over 20 years ago I started arbitrating cases for the American Arbitration Association. During those years I have sat as an arbitrator, whether singly or on a three-member panel, to decide a large variety of construction disputes. Cases have involved both public and private projects, and both horizontal and vertical construction. I have arbitrated issues ranging from a claimed defective roofing system on multiple warehouses, to an underground sewer system for a large subdivision, to the flooring for a prep school gym, to the damages for a never-completed custom home. The size of the disputes have ranged from a few thousand dollars (for several years, the AAA administered arbitrations under the Massachusetts home improvement contractor statute, and I participated in those cases), to claims in excess of $50 million. While many focus on the size of the dispute as a measure of experience, the better measure is on the complexity of the project, the number of parties who had a hand in the issues or problems, and the interrelationship of the issues. I have heard and decided more than 50 cases.

I also serve as a mediator for construction disputes. My style is evaluative, providing feedback to the parties, in confidence and based on as much information as they choose to divulge, on the strengths and weaknesses of their position. It is up to the parties to choose to settle, or not, but parties mediating with me receive neutral and balanced consideration of how their facts fit into the legal framework.

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