Privacy Policy

I am bound by the rules of ethics that govern the attorney-client relationship. Those rules are issued by each state's governing body. For example, in Massachusetts rules of ethics are issued by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Thus, I do not distribute, sell, publish or otherwise disseminate client information to any third party, except in the performance of legal services and with the client's knowledge and consent, or as may be allowed in accordance with the SJC rules (which are quite restrictive). I have no third-party agreements or relationships under which confidential client information will be sold or exchanged.

Client information may be communicated to third parties in conjunction with specific engagements. In the event of proceedings that are subject to public disclosure in the ordinary course (such as lawsuits filed in state or federal court, or other administrative hearings), information required to be disclosed pursuant to the applicable rules of civil procedure, or other pertinent rules, will be disclosed in the absence of any need and request for filing under seal or a confidentiality agreement of stipulation.

I may, and often do, comment on court decisions and other publicly-available information and news relevant to the construction industry. But any such comment will not include commenting in a public forum on any client matter without prior consent of the client involved.